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Special meal requests

Air Transat offers complimentary special meals which must be requested through your travel agent or by calling 00 800 AT EUROPE (00800 2838 7673).

To be honoured, special meal requests must be received with a minimum notice of 72 hours prior to departure. Please refer your travel agent to the appropriate code (see list below) for the special meal(s) you require. Please note that only one special meal per person can be ordered and meal combinations will not be honoured. While every effort will be made to provide your requested meal, please note that meal orders are not guaranteed at any time. The following special meals are available.

Type of mealDescriptionIATA Code
Diabetic Sugar-free meal, without added sugar, low in carbohydrate and high in fibre DBML
Gluten-free Without wheat, gluten, barley, rye or oat products GFML
Low-calorie Low fat and high carbohydrate LCML
Low fat and low saturated fat LFML
Low-sodium Low sodium and no salt added LSML
No lactose Dairy products free NLML
Asian vegetarian Representative of Asian culture using traditional ingredients AVML
with dairy product
Free of meat or meat products, no fish VLML
dairy product free
Free of meat or meat products, no fish, no dairy VGML
Kosher Prepared according to Jewish dietary laws KSML
Hindu Free of beef, pork and veal products HNML
Muslim Free of pork and alcohol products MOML
Child meal
(available on
European flights
Easy to chew, easy to manipulate CHML


For passengers with allergies, rest assured that Air Transat does not serve peanut or seafood products on board.  As all foods are prepared in an external facility, we are unable to guarantee that allergens will not be present in the food or snacks served or that other passengers will not bring these products on board.  As a result, we strongly suggest that passengers with severe food allergies bring their own food and snacks for the duration of the flight, as well as any appropriate medication such as an Epi-pen.  For travellers with severe allergies to nuts and peanut products, we will be happy to assist with on board comfort by making a general announcement, as well as asking adjacent passengers to refrain from consuming their own nut and peanut products on board.